WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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White Plexiglas box style hookah By MOB Hookah
Mob Box - Light Hookah
MOB Box Hookah | MOB Hookah
MOB Box Hookah | MOB Hookah
MOB Box Hookah | MOB Hookah

MOB Box Hookah | MOB Hookah

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This is the bigger full size MOB Box - About 30% bigger than MOB Box 2.0 

Dimebtions: 8”x12”x4”


Intrigue your guests with this modern, non ordinary looking, minimalistic design MOB BOX.

There is no doubt, this hookah was born to be a part of the night life of every city in the world, since its very steady, and impossible to Knock over .
made out of plexiglass makes it unbreakable .

MOB BOX 2.0 is a truly innovative product from MOB Hookah. A perfectly portable, sleek, and elegant light up hookah box, it is designed to add flavor to your parties. We have designed the box with a rubber base to prevent slipping. It comes with a silicon bowl and a heat tub to place the charcoal. Moreover, the light up hookah has a futuristic LED light, which can be installed inside the box for a brilliant glow.

Use any of your favorite hookah tobacco with this box and enjoy a great puff. Take it along, wherever you go, and it will be just perfect for beach or pool parties, outdoor picnics, camping or traveling.

We are always striving hard to satisfy every hookah lover and continuously aim to bring the best products for you. To know more about our great products, do not hesitate to call us at (858) 249-9417 or write to us at info@mobhookah.com.

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