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Where’s the Largest Hookah in the World?

Hookah is great, and when something is great you want more of it. That’s why we have so many types of shisha, bowls, hookahs, vases, and accessories — so that you always have the hookah gear you need to get more and better hookah experiences.

But if more is always better, then you might say that bigger is always better, too. If it is the case that bigger is always better, then there is a simple question that die-hard hookah fans are bound to be asking: where can I find the largest hookah in the world?

The size of your hookah can make a major difference in your hookah-smoking experience, and understanding how size impacts your smoking session can help you select the right size of hookah for your personal needs. 

So here is an article that will help you figure it all out, learn about size and your hookah smoking experiences, and let you know where you can find the largest hookah in the world.

Does Size Matter for Hookah Pipes?

Yes, size absolutely does matter and anyone who tells you otherwise is just lying to you.

The size of your hookah does have an impact on your hookah session, such that understanding how size affects your smoking session can help you fine-tune your setup for different sized hookahs. That way, you can always get a great session from any size hookah.

There are three main components that determine the “size” of the hookah — the size of the vase, the size of the stem and down stem, and the size of the bowl. Each of the three elements affects your smoke session in different ways.

Here is a quick breakdown of all three size elements and how they will alter your experience. 

How Bowl Size Impacts Hookah Smoking Experience

Your bowl is the piece that rests on top of your stem and holds your shisha and the coals which light your shisha.

There are a few elements of the bowl that impact your smoking experience, but size is one of the most important elements.

The size of your bowl ultimately determines the amount of shisha that you can smoke in one sitting. The larger the bowl, the more shisha you can fit. 

But be wary, there is such a thing as too big when it comes to the bowl. You need a bowl that will keep all the shisha, even the shisha nearest the bottom of the bowl, close enough to the coals to cook and smoke properly. 

You should make sure no bowl is deeper than perhaps two or three inches at the absolute maximum for a good experience without wasted shisha that goes uncooked because it’s packed in the middle and can’t get heated. 

How Does Stem Diameter Affect Hookah?

The next piece of your hookah setup whose size is going to have a major impact on your hookah smoking experience is the stem. There are two elements to the stem that impact its size, the diameter, and the length.

The diameter of your hookah will impact the thickness and denseness of your smoke, and change up the technique you need for a full, thick, and flavorful smoke cloud. The wider the diameter of your stem and downstem, the more open the draw will be on your hookah.

The more open the draw, the easier it is to pull air in through your hookah. This can mean that if you pull too hard and too quickly, you have a high likelihood of pulling in air as well as smoke when you draw. This will lead to a less dense and less flavorful cloud. 

To combat this while smoking with a stem or downstem that has a large diameter, try poking fewer holes in your foil, and also try to pull slower and less forcefully, giving your shisha the time it needs on the pull to smoke. That should help get your clouds dense again. 

How Does Stem Length Impact Hookah Smoking?

The length of the stem impacts how your hookah smokes as well. The basic rule is, the longer the stem, the longer your smoke has to cool in the air before it reaches the water. This has a very small impact on the temperature of your smoke, and how long your water will stay cold. 

The length of your stem can be a great way to dial in the experience, but the difference is so small, since the water, not the stem, is responsible most for cooling the smoke. Using a shorter stem versus a longer stem is mainly an aesthetic choice.

How Does Vase Size Impact Hookah Smoking?

The final, and arguable most important pieces of the hookah size puzzle, is the size of your vase. The size of your base, in general, makes the largest impact on your hookah smoking session. 

The reason is simple: the larger the vase is, the more water there is, which takes a longer time to heat up, and can give you a longer lasting session with denser and thicker clouds throughout. 

The temperature of the water inside of your vase has a huge impact on the density and feel of the clouds you smoke. The colder your water, the denser and thicker the clouds will be.

Having a large base that holds a lot of cold water will make the most impact on your smoke session. Conversely, smoking on a smaller hookah with a small vase that holds only a little bit of water will overheat quickly, and start delivering harsh and unpleasant smoke quicker.

The solution? If you are using a hookah with a small vase, just be prepared to switch the water out frequently with ice-cold water from the fridge. And conversely, if you are looking to save space with a hookah, go with a smaller stem but a larger vase.

Where Can I Find the Largest Hookah in the World?

So now back to our original question: where is the largest hookah in the world? If you are a major hookah fanatic, then visiting and maybe even smoking from the world's largest hookah is an experience that is tough to rival.

To find the largest hookah in the world, you are going to have to take a trip down to Tallahassee, Florida, where there is a 21-foot hookah pipe at Aladdin’s Sheesha Cafe. This pipe features a massively long stem that rests on what would otherwise be described as a pretty normal-sized hookah base. 

Perhaps you could try to create a new world largest hookah with a massive base, to capitalize on the cooling power that the vase holds for the hookah experience?

Largest Hookah in the World: The Takeaways

The size of your hookah plays an important role in your smoke session, and impacts the technique necessary for the perfect texture, taste, and feel of your clouds.

A large bowl will change how much shisha you can smoke in one sitting, as well as how well that shisha burns.

The size of your stem will impact the openness of the draw, as well as how far the smoke has to travel and cool between the bowl and the vase.

Your vase size plays the largest role, since how much cold water you have in the vase will determine how long your water will serve as a coolant for your smoke. The more water your vase can fill, the cooler, thicker, and denser your smoke clouds will be.

And if you really want to find the world's largest hookah, then book a trip to Talahasee, Florida to Aladdin’s Sheesha Cafe.

If you are looking to find a larger or shorter stem, or a large vase that can hold lots of cold water to keep your smoke cool and dense, then look no further than MOB Hookah. We have the best selection of stems and vases on the market.

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