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What Is The Best Hookah To Buy?

When it comes to buying a hookah, especially for the first time, people always ask the same question: what is the best hookah to buy? The simple answer is: it depends! Of course, some hookah is way better than others. Depending on the material and the country where it is manufactured contributes heavily to the price. But also a brand name that is expensive doesn't necessarily mean you are getting what you paid for. In this article I will compile a small list of the diverse line of MOB hookah products helping to decide what is the best hookah to buy based on a combination of design, performance, and durability of the product, and also the best hookah to buy depending on your budget.

1. AK-47 Hookah

Being one of the best sellers on the market, and originally designed by Mob Hookah, the AK-47 hookah has marked it print as one of the best hookahs to buy when it comes to a unique novelty design that stands out and still gets a good performance.

AK 47 Hookah   

Budget: $$ Pros:

  • Full-size hookah
  • Ageless design
  • Comes with high-end accessories
  • Poly stem that can break if fallen
  • Good performance, but not the best
Some can find the design as aggressive


2. MOB Box

The Mob Box is probably the most unconventional hookah design on the market. Sitting flat with only a few inches in height, it made quite a hype when first introduced to the market a couple of years ago. The MOB box can be the best hookah to buy if you one is looking for a steady, portable hookah that doesn't break, yet have a good performance. Budget: $ Mob box


  • Affordable within most budgets
  • Acrylic material that doesn't break
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Steady and doesn’t tip
  • Can be too small for some
  • Comes with a lower end hose, but can upgrade
  • Too many knock offs on the market


3. Cloud King

The cloud King engineered to perfection and designed to help achieve a smooth draw in combination with large clouds. One of its unique characteristics is the balance between modern and traditional looks. Served exclusively in hookah lounges across North America, I consider it the best hookah to buy if you are looking for a modern design with an outstanding performance, and still not break the bank. Budget: $$

cloud hookah


  • One of the market’s best performer
  • 10 unique colors to choose from
  • High-end accessories
  • Full-size hookah
  • Uses universal vases
  • Colors can peel off over time
  • Can get expensive with upgrades

4. Diamond Hookah

Inspired from German designs, the diamond hookah has a great and unconventional look helped it make it to this list. With its very modern look and feel, the diamond hookah is the best hookah to buy if you are looking for a European touch in your hookah. The performance is known to be great and durability is 10/10. As a full-size

Diamond hookah

hookah that stands out, many lounges love it. Budget: $$$ Pros:

  • Very cool design
  • Comes with a molasses catcher
  • Heavy duty
  • Non-universal vase
  • A little heavy to carry around

5. Madera

If you are looking for a fancy middle size hookah, the Madera is the best hookah to buy from this list. It comes with a high-end wood stem with a touch of gold or silver, and its crystal cut glass vase splashes a swanky look. Budget: $$$ Madera hookah


  • Very fancy look
  • Real wood stem
  • Amazing performance
  • Non-universal vase
  • Needs hose upgrade

6. MOB Ace 1.5

The MOB Ace was inspired from the Jumbo Ace of Spades. If you are looking for expensive looking hookah, yet one of the cheapest on the market, the MOB Ace 1.5 is the best hookah to buy. It is an upgrade of the original Mob Ace, but steadier and double the size. Budget: $ mob ace hookah


  • Easy to carry around
  • Very affordable
  • 3 Nice colors to choose from
  • Breaking the vase means breaking the hookah
  • Good for home use only
    I hope this list helped you decide what to choose when you are browsing the site. However, this list will need an update soon as more new products are going to be introduced, and should find their way to the list of “what is the best hookah to buy”.

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