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What Are The Best Hookah Tobacco Flavors?

Hookah is universally popular among the people for its varied kinds of flavors. Certain flavors are universal in their popularity. No matter where you visit, you can find these flavors there without any hurdles. So, these flavors have gained global popularity among users. However, here is a long list of the most popular hookah tobacco flavors in the world. Some may be quite common, and some may surprise you. So hold your horses and read along to find the most exciting and famous flavors of hookah:

Al Fakher Mint

The first and foremost has to include the renowned hookah flavor, the Al Fakher Mint. Mint is a flavor that makes everything tastes better. This variety of hookah flavor is the best authentic variety available in the market. Many may produce a stronger flavor or a more refreshing feeling, but no one can offer the perfect blend of fresh mint like Al Fakher. One can regard this flavor as the all-time favorite of the hookah lovers.

Tangiers Noir Cane Mint

Among all the Tangiers flavors, the Tangiers Noir Cane Mint is the undisputed winner as it provides the rare essence of Peppermint flavored hookah. People consider this variety to be the ultra-premium one among the other kinds of flavors available in the market. Often referred to as the Rolls Royce of the hookah world, this flavor comes in small batches from the most exceptional variety of tobacco in Southern California.

Starbuzz Blue Mist

The most popular in the market is the Blue Mist hookah flavor. Both the newbies as well as the veterans love this flavor as it leaves a sweet blueberry and minty hint right after each smoke. It is almost available everywhere, and most of the people who have tried hookah have tasted this flavor. Due to its sweet, tangy flavor, this one has been the bestseller for a long time. This is famous, especially among the people who are just starting their journey with the hookah pipe.

Nakhla Double Apple

The Nakhla Double Apple is also known as the Two Apples and is the chosen flavor of the traditional hookah smokers. Right after the mint flavor, this one is the most preferred flavor among the smokers. The authentic taste of this flavor is a classic for hookah smokers, and it always provides the same sensation after every puff. Many first-timers have tasted this one as their first-time hookah flavor. When mixed with the following flavor of Double Apple, this one produces the ultimate aftertaste of hookah smoke.

Al Fakher Double Apple

Al Fakher Double Apple is the leading one among the different flavors of hookah tobacco in the market. This flavor garnered so much popularity because of its smooth as well as unique smoking experience. One should try out this flavor clubbed with the Nakhla Double Apple to get the best feeling of smoking a hookah pipe.

Starbuzz Pirates Cave

Pirates Cave is one of the top-rated flavors in the world of hookah. The taste of this flavor is that of citrus fruit, along with a hint of lime that predominates the original flavor of the hookah. People who love to have a sweet aftertaste can try out this flavor as it leaves a candy-like taste after each puff.

Social Smoke Absolute Zero

Social Smoke Absolute Zero does justice to its name as it offers an icy cold blast of peppermint clouds. One of the most popular mint flavors available in the market, this one is for those who love to chew on gums of different flavors. After each puff, one gets to enjoy the cool freshness of the peppermint along with icy sensation in the mouth.

Fumari White Gummi Bear

Fumari White Gummi Bear has the authentic aroma and the flavor of a mix of sweet pineapple and citrus fruit. As a result of this mixture, one gets to enjoy the taste of white gummy bears after each puff. The soft and light candy flavor of pineapples leaves you wanting for more and hence is worth a try for the hookah users.

Starbuzz Sex on the Beach

This one is the updated version of the cocktail drink that goes by the same name in the market. It is a mixed version with a delightful mixture of citrus fruits, which produces a unique and robust aftertaste after each puff. One can mix this one with other flavors like orange, pomegranate, and cranberry, too, to enjoy a refreshing hookah session.

Fumari Ambrosia

According to Greek mythology, Ambrosia was famous as the nectar that was only meant for the Gods. It was a popular belief that Ambrosia would bring immortality and beauty to the people who managed to take a sip of it. However, one can never promise immortality with this one, but the Fumari Ambrosia is worthy of its name because it’s marvelous aroma and aftertaste. It is a unique blend of citrus fruits like pineapple, orange, cheery along with coconut and marshmallow. People who love to play with new flavors can try out their next session with this one to feel the heavenly pleasure of smoking the hookah pipe.

Khalil Mamoon Mango

People who love fruits and especially the mango lovers would love this flavor with their hookah tobacco. This one has a rich taste as well as the smell of mango, along with the most vigorous sweetness to add to the aftertaste of the hookah session. In this case, the smoke formed is quite lighter than the rest of the other flavors and hence makes an ideal choice for the beginners. That is because; even the first-timers do not cough this flavor out due to its smoothness. Therefore, many people refer to this flavor as the perfect introductory hookah tobacco flavor. There are many more varieties of hookah tobacco flavors available in the market. It differs depending on the country and cultures, as well. However, the ones mentioned above are quite popular as well as readily accessible in the hookah world. One can choose the appropriate hookah flavor from this list according to their preferences.

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