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Top Ten Hookah Flavor Combinations and Mixes 2022

Everyone has their own favorite thing about hookah smoking. For some, it is the social aspects that really get them excited. For others, it is the super cool smoke tricks that they can pull off with their hookah rig.

And for many of us, the best thing about hookah smoking is the ridiculously delicious mixtures of shisha flavors that you can create. With hundreds of different flavors of shisha available, there are literally thousands of different combinations and mixes that you could create.

We love experimenting with our shisha mixes here at MOB Hookah, so much so that we do a bit of experimenting every day. We do the experimenting so that you don’t have to, eliminating off-tasting mixes and discovering new combos that taste immaculate, so you don’t have to risk your own shisha testing out flavor mixes.

Since the year just got into swing, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of our ten favorite hookah flavor combinations and mixes to take 2022 to a whole new level of hookah smoking enjoyment.

Here are our top ten hookah flavor combinations and mixes. 

#1 Blueberry and Mint

The first hookah flavor combination on our list for 2022 is a classic but a classic for all the right reasons. Blueberry shisha mixed with mint shisha is the most popular mix of shisha in the world, and has been since the invention of flavored shisha tobacco in the 1990s.

The fresh, bright, fruity sweetness of blueberry mixed with the cool, refreshing, and invigorating punch of mint creates a beautiful symphony of flavors in your hookah smoke that few other combos can provide.

There are many famous blends on the market that start with blueberry and mint, like Adalya’s Blue Melon flavor that combines blueberry, ripe melon, and mint. You can also get it from Starbuzz’s iconic Exotic 69 flavor, which is also a blueberry melon blend. 

If you have never tried blueberry mint shisha mixes before, it is definitely worth trying, and if it is already one of your favorite mixes, rest assured that it is still one of the best around. We recommend using Starbuzz’s Blue Mist flavor for a clear and bright blueberry flavor. 

#2 Spiced Chai and Milkin’ Cookies

We’re jumping straight from one of the most popular and commonly found shisha mixes on the planet to one of the niche finds from this year. Perhaps the best dessert-flavored shisha mix for the new year is spiced chai crossed with milkin’ cookies. 

The spiced chai brings a cinnamon-y, vanilla spiced element to the sweet and rich milk and cookies flavor that creates the ultimate light and sweet, gently warm flavor. Our favorite spiced chai shisha comes from Fumari, and Milkin Cookies is an Eternal Smoke favorite.

If you are someone who loves baked goods and deserts, and warm dessert spices, then you will love trying this mix on for size.

#3 White Gummy Bear and Pineapple

From most common to more niche and then right to somewhere in the middle, our third favorite hookah flavor combination for 2022 is combining white gummy bear and pineapple for the ultimate pineapple gummy bear flavor. 

White gummy bear is one of the most popular individual shisha flavors globally, even though it is perhaps one of the least descriptive flavors out there. We find that white gummy bear tastes sweet, candy-like, a little fruity, and is a perfect blend with other flavors to make them pop even stronger.

White gummy bear goes perfect with pineapple to make a sweet, pineapple, tropical hookah smoking experience. You can take this mixture to a whole new level by fashioning a hookah bowl out of a pineapple for additional tropical flavors. 

#4 Mango and Strawberry 

If you can’t tell yet by this point on the list, we really like fruity flavors here. Perhaps one of the best, and most underrated fruit flavor shisha combos is mango and strawberry.

Mango-flavored shisha perfectly captures the sweet and light mango flavors, while strawberry shisha offers a sharper, brighter, berry flavor to the mix that adds decadence.

While you can find mango-raspberry-mint combos from companies like Adalya in their Lady Killer hookah flavor, we prefer the additional brightness the strawberry brings with Starbuzz hookah flavors.

Our favorites are actually combining two of our favorite Starbuzz Shisha flavors. We go with a 50/50 blend of Starbuzz Mango and Starbuzz Strawberry Margarita for a fruity kick, perfect for the spring and summer.

And make sure to keep your shisha fresh — if you have an old jar laying around, that age can really dull out the pop of the flavors. 

#5 Watermelon and Mint

This is another light flavor that will be perfect for the spring and summer months coming, and for lighter, midday smoke sessions that you don’t want to feel heavy in your mouth. 

Watermelon is a perfectly light and enjoyable flavor, and adding a little bit of mint gives you that watermelon mojito vibe that is super refreshing. We love cocktail-themed shisha flavors at MOB Hookah, especially Starbuzz’s Sex on the Beach hookah flavor. 

If you are familiar with Adalya’s Love 66 flavor, then you know how good watermelon and mint gets. Luckily, though, you can create a mix on your own without the need to buy Love 66 yourself. 

You can also find watermelon and mint in the classic Big Boy hookah flavor which is offered by Al Waha Shisha. 

Using something classic like Al Fakher mint flavor is perfect to pair with a strongly flavored watermelon shisha flavor for a good combo, and refreshing mixture.

#6 Pina Colada and Melon

The perfect vacation flavor, this mixture can help you relax into the weekend or start your spring break or summer vacation on the right foot. There is something so relaxing and decadent about pina colada flavors, and the melon only highlights it.

You may know how great crazy pineapple combinations can be if you have ever smoked Adalya’s Mi Amor flavor. We find the banana addition a little off-putting, however, which is why we offer a different combo to try!

The pineapple and coconut flavors of the pina colada shisha are the main notes of this mixture, with just a pinch of bright melon to add a tangy-sweet note. We recommend going for a ⅔ pina colada, ⅓ melon mixture for the perfect balance.

#7 Cherry and Lemon

If you are a fan of pink lemonade or cherry lemonade, then you are going to love this cherry and lemon shisha combo. 

Mixing your favorite cherry and lemon-flavored shisha in the same bowl is the perfect bright, tart, in-your-face fruity punch that hookah smokers seeking huge flavors are bound to love. Feel free to play with your ratios if you prefer a little more lemon or cherry in your mixes.

#8 Orange and Blueberry Muffin

These flavors are commonly mixed in baked goods like scones and muffins, so we decided to try it out with shisha. Luckily, it is just as delicious in shisha form. 

Blueberry Muffin is offered by Fumari as a shisha flavor, which is a great, blueberry, vanilla, sweet mixture. Combining a bit of orange (no more than a third of your bowl) can bring an extra bright, sweetness that perfectly compliments the blueberry and vanilla notes.

#9 Apple and Peach

Two common, basic flavors, that when combined, are truly transcendent. Apple is one of the most popular shisha flavors around the globe, and throwing in a bit of peach just adds to the fun. 

Al Fakher has the best apple flavor in the world, and combining this with any peach flavor is bound to be a hit for you and your friends.

#10 Cherry, Lime, and Mint

And for the final entry on our 2022 list, we pulled out all the stops for a triple flavor combo that is going to change your life. Cherry, lime, and mint shisha mixes perfectly to give you a cherry limeade mojito smoke that will quickly become your favorite shisha combo ever.

A perfect one-third to one-third to one-third ratio is perfect for this mix for us, but feel free to experiment yourself to find the right ratios for your taste.

Top Ten Hookah Flavor Combos 2022: The Takeaways

There are nearly limitless potential shisha flavor combinations for you to discover and try. But to save you a little time, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite mixes for the new year.

ARe there any combos we missed on our favorites list? What are some of your favorite shisha mixtures and combos that we should try for our next list?

If you need to restock on any shisha to try some of these combos, look no further than MOB Hookah. We carry only the highest-quality shisha from the best producers and only the most delicious flavors for you.

And we also carry one of the widest selections of high-quality hookah pipes, accessories, and more. Whatever hookah needs you have, we can help. 


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