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The Best Shisha Mixes to Try for a Winter Smoke Sesh

As the colder months of the year draw closer, many of us are seeking for entertaining things that can be done inside where it is warm and snug. Getting together with friends and family for a round of shisha smoking is one alternative that is both enjoyable and convenient. But rather than sticking to the same flavors over and over again, why not experiment with something brand new and exciting? In this piece, we'll take a look at some of the top shisha mixtures for winter, which are ideal for people who want to liven up their hookah sessions and bring some coziness to the frigid evenings they spend indoors. Now, settle in, take it easy, and get ready to experience something completely different.

Overview of Shisha and Its Popularity During Winter Seasons

Many people who are enthusiastic about smoking shisha look forward to the winter months so that they can sample fresh and exciting flavors. Cinnamon, peppermint, apple cider, and spiced chai are among the ingredients found in some of the most popular wintertime shisha blends. These flavors not only create a delectable taste, but they also bring a sense that is both warm and comfortable to the smoking experience.

Peppermint Blast Sisha

The Peppermint Blast is a popular wintertime shisha mix that combines mint, peppermint, and vanilla flavors. It is considered to be one of the best wintertime shisha mixtures. Those individuals who adore the invigorating flavor of mint and the sweet taste of vanilla will absolutely adore this combination. This taste is perfect for a winter smoke session since the inclusion of peppermint gives it a chilly and refreshing quality that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Winter Wonderland Sisha

Winter Wonderland is a blend of blueberry, mint, and coconut shisha flavors, and it is an additional excellent option for a smoke session during the winter. This combination yields a flavor that is both distinctive and invigorating, making it an excellent choice for the chilly winter months. The blueberry contributes a fruity sweetness, while the mint brings a calming and revitalizing quality to the whole flavor. The flavor of coconut contributes a velvety and silky consistency to the mixture, making it the ideal option for smokers who wish to experience a sense of coziness and warmth while they are doing so. You can always double up on the berry or mint for an extra kick of flavor.

Apple Cider Sisha

If you are searching for a shisha blend that shouts "winter," then Apple Cider is the ideal option for you to go with. The sweet and sour flavor of apples, along with the spicy and warming undertones of cinnamon, are all brought together in this blend. The mixture is not only delicious, but it also produces an atmosphere that is warm and inviting. This ambiance is ideal for gathering with friends and family on a chilly winter evening since it is wonderful for cuddling up.

Gingerbread House Sisha

Gingerbread House is the ideal shisha blend to sample for people who wish to get into the spirit of the holiday season. This combination combines the flavors of gingerbread, which are warm and spicy, with the flavor of vanilla, which is sweet and creamy. The end result is a flavor that is not only delectably comforting but also ideal for sharing with loved ones during the colder months of the year. You'll feel like you're smoking out of a gingerbread house every time you take a puff!

Other Popular Winter-themed Shisha Mixes

  1. Spiced Chai Sisha – This mix combines the flavors of chai tea with the smoothness of shisha, creating a warm and comforting smoking experience.
  2. Cranberry Blast Sisha – A blend of cranberry, grape, and mint flavors that create a refreshing and fruity taste with a cool twist.
  3. Hot Cocoa Sisha – This mix uses chocolate and marshmallow flavors to create a sweet and indulgent taste that is perfect for the holiday season.
  4. Wintergreen Sisha – A mix of wintergreen and mint flavors that creates a crisp and refreshing smoking experience with a hint of coolness.
  5. Pumpkin Spice Sisha – This blend uses the flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg to create a cozy and festive smoking experience that is perfect for autumn and winter.

Serve hot beverages and snacks to enjoy with the shisha

Consider serving hot drinks and snacks that have flavors that go well with the flavors of the shisha mix you have selected to make your shisha smoking session even more delightful. For instance, if you are smoking Apple Cider shisha, you might want to consider serving hot apple cider or cinnamon tea to complement the flavor profile, which is already cozy and inviting. In order to provide guests with the whole winter experience, you may also like to provide apple pie or cinnamon rolls.

If you are smoking the Gingerbread House shisha, you might want to try serving gingerbread cookies or a nice vanilla latte to match the sweet and spicy aromas. To complement the flavor of the Spiced Chai shisha mix and create a more cozy and comforting atmosphere for your guests, consider serving a hot cup of chai tea or some spiced biscuits.

What Brands Offer Winter Shisha Flavors?

There are various brands, such as Al Fakher, Starbuzz, and Fumari, that provide flavors of shisha that are themed around the winter season. Every brand provides a one-of-a-kind variety of flavors that are excellent choices for the chilly winter months. A time-honored option is Al Fakher's Spiced Chai shisha mix, while Starbuzz's Winterfresh taste provides a chill and invigorating way to enjoy the smoking experience.

Those who are looking for a combination that has a taste that is both sweet and decadent should try Fumari's Mint Chocolate Chill. Fumari Spiced Chai is also a delicious flavor for the winter. There are also other brands, like as Social Smoke and Tangiers, that provide tastes centered around the winter season that are well of your attention. If you want to locate the ideal shisha blend for your upcoming winter smoking session, be sure to check out the MOB Hookah shisha flavors.

Tips for Enjoying Shisha During Winter Seasons

  1. Keep your hookah and shisha equipment clean and dry to prevent rust and mold from forming.
  2. Use a heat management device to control the temperature of the coals, as the cold weather can make them burn slower.
  3. Use warm water in the base of the hookah to create a cozy atmosphere and enhance the flavors of the shisha.
  4. Experiment with different shisha blends and mix them together to create your own unique winter-themed flavors.
  5. Enjoy your smoking session in a warm and comfortable environment, such as indoors with blankets and heaters, to fully appreciate the winter flavors of your shisha mix.

Overall, trying out different shisha flavors during the winter season can add a new level of comfort and excitement to your smoking experience. With these winter-themed shisha mixes and tips, you'll be sure to have a cozy and enjoyable smoking session with your friends and family. Happy smoking!


In conclusion, enjoying shisha during the winter season can be a great way to warm up and spend time with loved ones. With the variety of winter-themed shisha flavors available from brands like Al Fakher, Starbuzz, and Fumari, there is something for everyone to try. Don't forget to keep your equipment clean, use a heat management device, and experiment with different blends to create your own unique winter flavors. And for an extra touch of citrusy freshness, try adding a slice of lemon or orange to your hookah setup. Stay warm and happy smoking!

Final Thoughts

Celebrate this winter season with something truly special - the exquisite collection of flavors and hookahs from MOB Hookah! Get ready to experience premium quality products that guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable session. Make your holidays extra memorable by indulging in our top-notch selection, perfect for any occasion or celebration.


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