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How to Pack Your Hookah Bowl?

Hookah, also known as qalyân, is an instrument that is widely famous for smoking purposes. Many people use this for vaporizing as well as smoking tobacco, flavored cannabis, or even opium sometimes. The vapor of these substances passes through a water basin before final inhalation. The water basin is glass-based in maximum cases. The usage of hookah pipe for smoking tobacco dates back to the early reign of famous emperors. However, with time, hookah smoking has managed to garner massive popularity across the globe. A typical hookah setup consists of a smoke chamber, hookah pipe, tobacco, hose, and a hookah bowl. The satisfaction quotient majorly depends on the way one prepares and stacks the tobacco in the pot.

About Hookah Bowl

The hookah bowl is the head of the instrument, which is a regular container made of marble or clay or maybe glass in a few cases. This bowl helps to hold the tobacco and the coal during the smoking procedure. Initially, a screen or a perforated aluminum foil covers the head of the hookah. Over this region, one places the lit coals, which allow the tobacco to warm up the temperature to a certain extent. One can easily make the hookah bowls out of several kinds of fruits. If a person prefers to have pineapple, then he needs to cut the fruit into two halves. Following this, he needs to hollow out the fruit and make tiny perforations to achieve the exact shape and system of the hookah bowl. After the success of making the bowl, one needs to fill it up with the consecutive tobacco and coal. Since early times, hookahs have evolved a lot both in terms of quality and structures. In recent years, there has been the addition of many designs to keep a check on the flow of the juices to the stem. A few examples would include the Sahara Smoke Vortex Bowl and the famous Tangiers Phunnel Bowl.

Pack Your Hookah Bowl like an Expert

There are several methods for packing the hookah bowl, but not every technique is beneficial. For the beginners, some of the ways may seem a tab tricky. However, do not allow that stop you from becoming an expert in making your hookah. However, the necessary procedure remains the same, which includes the following steps:

  • Start the process by chopping the tobacco leaves to a uniform size. One needs to maintain the accurate size and shape of the leaves. That is because; too thin or thick sheets won't provide the ultimate pleasure of smoking.
  • Once you are assured about the cut and the size of the tobacco leaves, use an absorbent paper towel on the leaves. The paper towel helps one to dry out the excess glycerin and molasses out of the leaves. This step is crucial as it helps to spread the heat on the tobacco leaves evenly.
  • After this, one needs to flatten out each leaves using a fork on a chopping board. This is done to ensure that no big chunks get left behind, which can later form clusters. One needs to continue to do this until the leaves become fluffy and completely aerated. Once this is done, it is time to load the hookah bowl.
To load the hookah bowl, one needs to use a fork or his fingers to stash the leaves into the pot. However, professionals use different kinds of packaging to experience the ultimate pleasure of smoking tobacco. Hence, here are few ways that you can adopt to pack the hookah bowl just like a pro:

Always Remember To Lighten Pack

Lighten pack is one of the essential strategies to pack the hookah bowl like a pro. You can expect to drive the additional wind stream to the tobacco using this method. This procedure also helps one to use all the leading brands of tobacco within the bowl. All you have to do is gently sprinkle over the tobacco into the respective bowls. The critical aspect of this method lies in the fact that you would never pack it too tightly by any means. You need to let the air current pass through it to reach the tobacco easily. The performance of the pack would highly depend on the particular type of tobacco, as well as the packaging of it.

The Trick of Semi-Tick Pack

The method of semi-thick packing is useful for packaging the considerable measure similar to Nakhla, Beamer, and Haze. The semi-thick preparation is much more accomplished in comparison to the lighten pack. But, one needs to pack the tobacco in significantly more amounts. Neither should it be squeezed too tight nor too loose in the bowl. It is a bridge between lighten and thick packaging.

The Art of Thick Packing the Tobacco

This one process refers to the trick of packing the hookah tobacco firmly into the bowl. Such packaging leaves no space for the passage of the wind or air through the strands of tobacco. Many use this procedure solely to pack the Tangiers pack. Here, one can use the Tangiers pack as the base for packaging along with some other packs to stuff the tobacco efficiently into the bowl.

Over pack

Many times people tend to over stack the tobacco leavers into the hookah bowl. However, the art over packing the hookah is typically different than over stacking the leaves. One should overpack the sheets only when they have mastered the basics of tobacco packaging.

Under pack

The procedure of under packaging is just similar in concept with over packaging of the tobacco leaves. Many people do use this method to pack with Social Smoke. However, this state is useful in stating that the bowl has been pressed too low while preparing the hookah bowl. These methods, as mentioned earlier, are some of the most useful ways to pack the tobacco within the bowl. Each procedure has its unique style and provides different kinds of experience to the users. However, one can also customize these ways according to their convenience and taste to get the ultimate feeling of smoking a hookah.

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