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Hookah Tips: Hookah Mouth Tip Guide 2022

If you have ever been to a hookah lounge before (if you haven’t been you should try it, it’s awesome), then you are familiar with the colorful plastic mouthpieces that you put on the hose to smoke from. 

Hookah tips can be a ton of fun, and are a really ingenious and simple solution to make sharing hookah more sanitary and safe for you and your friends. In fact, you should be using hookah tips at home, too, unless everyone has their own clean hose to smoke from.

If you have your own tips at home, or are a hookah lounge owner or manager, then you know that tips are not as simple as they seem. There are all sorts of different types and sizes of mouth tips, and they don’t all universally fit every hose type.

This can lead to a lot of frustration, confusion, and wasted time and money trying to figure out what type of tips you need to get for your hoses.

No more struggling and worrying, MOB Hookah has got you covered. Here is your compatibility guide for hookah tips and hoses so you never have to guess what the right size is again. 

What Are Hookah Tips For?

If you have never been to a hookah lounge before, and have always had your own hose at home to smoke from, then you may be confused about the need for hookah tips, and what they actually do.

Well, it’s really simple — all the hookah tip is, is a plastic piece that attaches to the end of the hose mouthpiece, so that instead of putting your mouth on the hose itself, you only put it on your tip, and are able to share a hose without spreading germs.

While you don’t necessarily need to use a tip for your hookah, it is a good idea to use tips whenever you are sharing hoses with friends, so that everyone gets a sanitary smoking experience. If everyone has their own hose, you are good to go without tips.

Even if you regularly smoke your hookah without tips, it is a good idea to have tips on hand in case a new friend joins your smoke session and needs to share a hose with someone. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Are There Different Kinds of Hookah Mouth Tips?

Yes! There are several different kinds of hookah mouth tips. 

This is great, since it means a selection of different options for different hoses, and different smoking experiences. There are four major types of different hookah mouth tips, each one with its own advantages and disadvantages.

We are going to break down these four different hookah tips, so that you can understand which kind you will need for your setup.

What Are Jumbo Hookah Tips?

Jumbo hookah tips are one of the most common types of tips that you will find in hookah bars and lounges throughout the United States. Jumbo hookah tips are exactly what they sound like — large hookah tips.

These tips are known for being particularly large and long. This is great for lounges and bars since they can be easier to keep track of for smokers.

Jumbo hookah tips are inside-fitting tips, meaning they are designed for the most tapered end to be placed inside of the hose. This leads to a very secure fit inside of the hose. 

The only problem comes up when your hose is smaller than the smallest end of your tip. The standard width of the fine end of jumbo hookah tips is 5mm, so if your hose is smaller than 5mm, then jumbo tips are going to be too large.

What Are Medium-Jumbo Hookah Tips?

Medium-jumbo hookah tips are also a very aptly named tip, that are just a smaller version of jumbo hookah tips. The only difference between jumbo hookah tips and medium-jumbo hookah tips is the length of the tip itself.

While regular jumbo hookah tips are about four inches long, medium-jumbo hookah tips are only two inches long, making them slightly smaller and easier to use, which is why medium-jumbo hookah tips are a common choice for hookah lounge and bar owners.

Once again, medium-jumbo hookah tips have the same size as jumbo hookah tips on the openings, meaning if your hose is smaller than 5mm, you are going to need a different tip option.

What Are Outside-Fitting Hookah Tips?

Outside fitting hookah tips are exactly what you need if your hookah hose has an opening diameter of less than 5mm. 

Outside fitting hookah tips, unlike jumbo and medium-jumbo hookah tips, hook up to the outside of the hose piece. These tips can fit over much smaller hoses because of this.

Outside fitting hookah tips can also be used backward, as an inside fitting tip for very wide hookah hoses.

What Are Dual-Sided Hookah Tips?

And last but not least, the swiss army knife of hookah tips, dual-sided hookah tips. Dual-sided hookah tips haven’t been around as long as some of the other types, but they are quickly becoming one of the most popular hookah tip options.

Dual-sided tips are wonderful because they have one end that can go inside standard hookah hoses, just like a jumbo or medium-jumbo hookah tip would, and another end that is an outside fitting end, perfect for smaller hoses that can't work with jumbo tips. 

Dual-sided hookah tips are a great solution for lounge owners who have multiple different kinds of hoses that fit different types of tips. With dual-sided tips, whether you need a jumbo tip fit or outside-fitting tip, one tip serves both needs.

How To Smoke Hookah With a Mouth Tip

Now that you know all the kinds of hookah tips you might encounter, if you have never smoked with a tip before, you may be worried that smoking with a tip will be different.

Have no fear, smoking with a hookah tip is super easy. There are only a few minor differences from how you would smoke a regular hookah. Everything about the setup stays the exact same. 

When you are handed the hose, you simply attach your tip to the hose, and then draw on the tip just like it is the actual hose end. You may notice that the draw is more open with a tip, or more closed — adjust your draw strength as fit.

When you are done and ready to pass the hose on to the next smoker, simply remove your tip, and keep it somewhere clean and safe until it is your turn on the hose again. 

Don’t get stingy and take too long to pass, hookah is a social event, and sharing is caring.

Hookah Mouth Tips: The Takeaways

Hookah mouth tips are an essential part of the hookah-smoking experience in lounges and hookah bars throughout the United States. 

Hookah mouth tips are necessary for a sanitary shared hookah experience, and can prevent the unnecessary spread of germs.

There are four main different types of hookah tips: jumbo hookah tips, medium-jumbo hookah tips, outside-fitting hookah tips, and dual-sided hookah tips.

Depending on your specific type of hose, and your preferred mouth tip length, you should purchase and use different types of mouth tips.

If you are looking for mouth tips for your hookah, or looking to expand your hookah arsenal, MOB Hookah is your perfect one-stop shop. We have everything you could need, from pipes, stems, vases, bowls, hoses, tips, coals, accessories and more, and if you’re looking for tips for your own lounge, check out our wholesale offerings here

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