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Does Hookah Make You High?

A hookah refers to a water pipe which famous for smoking purposes. Other names of this instrument are Narghile, Hubble-bubble, Shisha, and Goza. However, the word “hookah" means a pipe and not the contents of this instrument. The invention of this instrument dates back to hundreds of years back in the Middle East region. However, today, people from every corner of the globe are using this instrument for smoking tobacco. According to the reports, around 20 percent of the total youngsters prefer to use a hookah in their teenage years.

Constituents of a Hookah

A hookah consists of a rubber hose, bowl, and smoke chamber along with a pipe. The tobacco leaves are along with charcoal in the pot to heat the leaves evenly. Along with this set-up, many people prefer to add particular flavors to get a pleasant tangy aftertaste after each puff. The popular flavors include mint, apple, licorice, chocolate, etc.

Can A Person Get High Using A Hookah?

A hookah isn’t meant for marijuana or any other type of drug. Smoking hookah tobacco won’t make you feel high. However, the tobacco present in the hookah bowl can make one feel a little dizzy and relaxed. One can also feel lightheaded or wobbly smoking the hookah for a considerable time. The buzz that many smokers feel after an hour of hookah smoking is different from each of the users. It can range from dizziness to a tingling sensation throughout the body. These feelings can slight or intense, depending on the usage of the nicotine in hookah. That is because; the critical factor which produces these kinds of feelings after the hookah session is nicotine. However, the perceptions differ from person to person depending on the different brands used for the hookah.

How Can A Particular Brand Control The After Effects Of Hookah?

Generally, the constituents of the hookah determine the after-effects on the users. However, the different blends of nicotine used in the hookah set-up can cause variable effects. For example, the brands like Social Smoke, Starbuzz, and Al Fakher, use a light "blonde" colored leaf which is quite low in nicotine content. Hence, using nicotine from these brands can produce moderate effects compared to other shisha brands. Brands like Trifecta Dark Tobacco, Azure Black Shisha Tobacco, and Tangiers Tobacco use a variety of tobacco leaves, which are quite stronger than the previous ones. These kinds of leaves provide a darker color to the shisha as it consists of a high level of nicotine in it. Hence, smoking these brands does give a stronger after-effect compared to the previous "blonde" leaves. Therefore the rule is that more the nicotine in hookah more will be the chances of feeling high eventually. One thing to keep in mind is that none should consume any drugs or nicotine or tobacco on an empty stomach. In case, one smokes a hookah on an empty stomach, that person may fall sick due to the excess smoke entering the body. The coals which are used to ignite the hookah tobacco might make a person feel nauseous in some instances. The fumes coming from the burning of the coals might cause other side effects, which include headaches and pain in the body. Getting high also depends on how you prepare the hookah bowl and pack the leaves in it. The key to making the right pack is never to under pack or over pack the hookah bowl. In both cases, the airflow channels get blocked, and hence, there is an obstruction in the production of the smoke. So pack wisely to let the airflow to get the proper after-effects of smoking the hookah.

Can You Get Addicted To Smoking A Hookah?

Hookah tobacco is the same one used in cigarettes. That means if a person uses a hookah in a controlled manner, then there is a risk of getting addicted to it. However, smoking hookah means inhaling nicotine, tar along with heavy metals, which include lead and arsenic. The nicotine used in the hookah does bring about addictive behaviors in the user if the person smokes or chew it continuously without any control. It is just as addictive as cocaine and heroin. That is because; the human body actively absorbs nicotine and can reach the brain center within 8 seconds after consumption. Such substances enter the blood and reach the adrenal glands in the body, which triggers the secretion of adrenaline hormones in the body. The increased level of adrenaline can increase the heart rate along with the blood pressure of the body. That can also elevate the breathing rate of the person. As a result of all these phenomena in the body, the person feels less hungry and content for a specified period. This feeling can be good if the person manages to keep a check on their activities of consumption of nicotine. Many people think that the occasional usage of hookah pipes and tobacco can lead to addiction. It isn't right as controlled usage does not possess any threat to the human body. However, one should be cautious about using a separate mouthpiece to avoid any infection.

How to Get the “Buzz” Using Hookah without Consuming Nicotine?

Tobacco is the most important and common form of shisha used in a hookah for smoking purposes. However, there are many renowned brands in the market, like Hydro Herbal, Urth Tree, Fantasia Herbal, etc. provide nicotine as well as tobacco-free options for smokers. You can get still get the after-effects of smoking a hookah pipe with the products of these companies. But, you won’t be at risk of getting kind of diseases. These companies produce “herbal shisha" as they use an herbal alternative to replace the tobacco leaves with fruit pulp or sugar cane. The herbal base is made up of molasses, honey, glycerin, and other flavoring substances, which can provide the ultimate "buzz" to the smokers. So smoking the hookah pipe won't make you high, but it has severe effects on the health of the user. It can be addictive if not taken control of in the early stages. However, it isn’t harmful if a person uses it occasionally only in the right proportionate amounts or resort to healthy ways. So, one can easily change to a healthy way to enjoy their hookah session without compromising with the taste or any flavors.

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