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6 Authentic Ways to Make Your Hookah Experience One of the Best

The use of hookah is widespread all over the world. So many people use the equipment to get a relaxing moment as they enjoy time with friends. Whether you are using a hookah with single or multiple hose, modern or Egyptian, one thing should be constant, a pleasant experience. But then, some people end up having a tough time with their hookah. Some find it tasting bad, while others end up having a burning sensation in their throats. With such an experience, there is no way you can enjoy the beauty of this magical smoking equipment. But worry not, there are ways you can enhance your hookah experience. All you need to do is apply everything on the list below, and start having great hookah sessions.

Add ice in the bottle

By now, you already know that hookah makes use of cold water. That is because if you use warm water, it will only get hotter, and with time, the smoke released will be harsh. To get a fresh taste and a fantastic cool smoke, you should not only use cold water but add some ice cubes in the bottle. Why so? It is one of the ways to make hookah taste great, and that is because ice tends to melt slower. That means you will have to smoke your hookah much longer before the ice melts, and the water starts heating up. Otherwise, your hits will remain cool, and refreshing.

Always opt for natural coal

Natural Coal Hookah

There are various ways you can smoke hookah, but the best experience comes along when you use natural coal as opposed to instant hookah. Natural coal tends to unleash all organic smoke giving an incredible smoking session. It also keeps you from having headaches after a smoking session. The only problem with using natural coal is that it takes time to light, and it is not as portable as instant hookah. Otherwise, the experience is always worth the effort. So if you find yourself with time on your side, use all-natural coal. One can also opt for a g pen elite if they need something highly portable yet effective.

Break the coal into different parts

There are so many times that you get your tobacco burning unevenly. That is not because you don’t know how to prepare the hookah but because you don’t know hookah tips and tricks. If you want to avoid burning tobacco inconsistently and end up with harsh smoke, then you should do the following. First, break the charcoal into various pieces, preferably four. You should then light up each piece, and let it become red hot. Place the pieces on the edges of the bowl, and take small puffs repeatedly until your tobacco lights. Proceed to move the coal towards the center gradually as you smoke. That will ensure your tobacco burns evenly, and it also eliminates harsh smoke.

Blow into the hookah

As you continue smoking your hookah, you will realize that the smoke will start tasting much different. To keep the smoke fresh for a longer time, you need to go ahead and blow the hookah. You do this by gently and slightly blowing the pipe you are using to smoke. Doing so will send air back in the hookah. It will then eject the old smoke, and ventilate the hookah. You will then be able to get fresh smoke that will see you enjoy the rest of your hookah session. Be careful when blowing the hookah. Large blows can easily ruin your smoking session by spilling water in the bowl.

hookah shisha narghileh  

Use a freezable hose

If you try all the hookah tips and tricks, and nothing seems to be giving you the satisfaction you are looking for, then it’s time for plan B. Replace your conventional hookah hose with a freezable hose. Yes, it seems like the standard hose and works the same. But then, these hoses allow you to fix freezing extenders. This equipment will cool your smoke, and make it fresh, thus enhancing your smoking experience.

Change the water after each session

Apart from picking the right flavors, blowing into the hookah, and changing the type of hose you are using, there is another way to get an incredible taste. That is by changing the water in the bottle. Doing so will always keep your hits fresh and incredible. Reusing water tends to mask the flavor with time. It also leaves you having some bad taste of the previous session. The process may take you time to finish, but then, you will have incredible moments that will see you love every hit you take. Those are so far some of the best ways to end up having an impressive hookah experience. The tips will see you get fresh and cool smoke. They will also ensure you get a full taste of the shisha you are smoking without worrying that the flavor will reduce as you continue smoking. Every tip is worth trying.  

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