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1 KILO Deal
1 KILO Deal

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Our Price: $45.99

Product Code: 1-KILO

1 Kilo of Premium Coconut Charcoal:


You Get 1 KILO of FLAVORBOM Tobacco an eqivalent to 4 x 250g cans, for only $39.99 with FREE SHIPPING
Half the price from any Premium Tobacco competitor . for an even better taste and quality .
this amazing deal will last you for months .

just Order and chose 4 from these 20 Flavors listed below .
After ordering leave comment on order on what flavors you'd like and we'll ship them asap .

Banana Clip
After a long day, indulge yourself in the delectable Flavorbom Tobacco "Banana Clip". Enjoy the delicious banana daiquiri flavors simply by packing it into the Bowl. Click, Clack Keep Inhaling until the magazine is full.
Blue Meth
This what the streets has been asking for, Flavorbom's Blue Meth. The Perfect combination of ripened blueberries with intense icy mint make this shisha flavor so good it could almost be illegal .
Blueberry Crip
Notably one of the smoothest flavors on the market, the "BlueBerry Crip" has a heavy blueberry taste with a hidden mint additive, praised for its tingly sensation felt by smokers during draw and exhale.
Delightfully sugary and liked among all ages, Flavorbom's "Bubble Gum" tobacco will have any smoker reminiscing of their childhood and leave them salivating for another piece of bubble gum.
Double Abble
Perfectly combining both green and red apples, Flavorbom's Double Apple is the ultimate hookah enthusiasts delight. Delicious mouthwatering sweetness with a light tough of anise (licorice) flavors will surely leave you craving the Double Apple.
Grape Mint
Created using juicy grape flavors, Flavorbom's "Grape Mint" is sweet and pungent in smell. Not only will the smoker be pleasantly surprised by the heavy grape aftertaste but will also enjoy the soothing minty aroma.
Lemon Mint
Pucker up! This sweet yet sour lemon flavor perfectly paired with a Fresh mint, will captivate any hookah smoker. After exhale, the powerful mint fills the smokers mouth while salivating over the delicious aftertaste of the lemon.
Honey Dew
The ideal honey dew flavor combined with Flavorbom's finest tobacco. This mouthwatering super fruit is delicious and provides a soothing effect upon inhale.
Melon Mix
The most mighty mix, the "Melon Mix" contains several different melons such as: watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. Each tasty melon is then blended together to form the ideal tropical melon medley, perfect for smokers who crave a sweet and Flavorful Shisha experience.
Miley Citrus
"Miley Citrus" is composed of all tangy citrus fruit flavors, such as: lemon, Lime, mandarin, and orange. Not only does this flavor embody playfulness but also has an unexpected cool sensation of mint, which comes in after exhale like a wrecking ball.
Can't decide which flavor to pick? Introducing Flavorbom's most unique Shisha flavor "Molly". Taste the intense rainbow fruit-high Composed of apples, oranges , grapes, and pineapple, evenly blended together.
Orange Blood
Referred to as one of the most notorious Flavorbom flavors in the streets, the "Orange Blood", is a Perfect mix of oranges and raspberries. This sweet yet dangerously bloody Shisha is sure to provoke the inner gangster within.
Spice Chai
Indulge yourself in the sweet savory Spiced Chai, a creamy mix of decadent vanilla with undertones of cinnamon and nutmeg. Experience the calming relaxation of this flavor that gets you felling like you're floating on a magic carpet.
Sweet Tangie
Just picked off the tree, Flavorbom's Sweet Tangie is a mouthwatering flavor that embodies southern California's most Luscious citrus, both in aroma and aftertaste.
Watermelon Mint
Deliciously sweet, watermelon flavors combined with Flavorbom's Fresh mint produce the savory combination know as, "Watermelon Mint".
White Gummy
A perfect combination of pineapple and citrus flavors, Flavorbom's "White Gummy" is like pouring an entire bag of gummy bears into your mouth, while swallowing cactus cooler.
White Peach
Fill your mouth with the crisp cool tantalizing taste of the White Peach. This summer favorite calls for a rejuvenating day by the pool and is popular amongst avid hookah enthusiasts. Bring a sense of richness to any social event with Flavorbom's White Peach
Strawberry Yogurt
Imagine blending sweet strawberries and a thick creamy yogurt together to create the ultimate Tasty desert. That is exacting what Flavorbom has created. "Strawberry Yogurt" is not only tastefully appetizing but also has dense clouds following exhale.

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