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Modern Hookah Designs: 8 Best Modern Designs

The world of hookah has firmly reached the modern age. For a long time, the only hookahs out there were handcrafted works of art that were truly stunning to look at and smoke from, but could feel dated to modern hookah smokers.

When hookah hit the markets with mass production, the first designs were — let's be honest — a little drab. They stripped away the intricate engravings and detailing done so carefully by hand and left you with the bare bones of a hookah, usually in either boring or gawky colors.

And while these barebones options brought thousands of new people into the hookah market by offering cheap and accessible options for quality, consistently-made hookahs, they were also… straight boring.

But not anymore. 

Modern hookah designers have gone to outrageous lengths to bring some fun and coolness back into the modern hookahs. 

We’re going to show you a few of our favorite designs that modern hookah makers have so that you can get a modern style hookah that’s actually something unique and special.

#1: The MOB AK-47 Hookah

This hookah is one that will really catch a lot of eyes when you whip it out. We make our very own hookah designed to look like an AK-47.

This design comes in gold, silver, and black, giving you a bad hookah in badder color schemes.

This hookah isn’t just about looks either — it smokes like an absolute champ. We make sure that all of our hookahs are more than just a pretty art piece, but a real heavy-hitting hookah pipe to give you smoking sessions you and your friends will love.

The MOB AK-47 hookah comes with a clay bowl and silicone hose so you’re ready to smoke as soon as you get your pipe.

Give this one a shot — it’s a cool, smooth addition to your hookah arsenal.

#2: The MOB Laser Hookah

This is another design brought to you by us, MOB Hookah. The MOB Laser Hookah is great for bringing the vibes to dark hookah lounges, or for your own personal collection.

The MOB laser hookah has three lasers that can shoot up to three miles upward, coupled with a clear stem and base that are equipped with color-changing LED lights to give you a true glow-in-the-dark hookah experience.

This hookah is the perfect modern hookah for anyone looking to have a fun and cool hookah. It’s the perfect size for portability, too, while retaining convenient functionality at 24”. 

This hookah is also top of the line in features. The MOB Laser Hookah comes with a heat management device built in so you know your shisha is being burned properly, and it also has a cool purge system.

Give this hookah a whirl if you are looking for a wild new hookah that will take your smoking session into the space age.

#3: The Car Mason Jar Hookah

The perfect hookah for smoking on the go, the Car Mason Jar Hookah is a brilliantly portable, endlessly satisfying hookah option.

This hookah is made using a mason jar as the vase, with a very short stem and bowl, offering you a truly portable and discreet smoking setup.

Plus, it's just cool. Smoking hookah using a mason jar… talk about dope. 

The Car Mason Jar hookah also smokes very well as one of (if not the best) smoking portable hookah on the market today. Give it a shot if you are looking for an offbeat and portable hookah.

#4: Drop Hookah Supreme

If you want to bring some designer swagger to your hookah-smoking experience, look no further than the Drop Hookah Supreme

This hookah has a dropped vase design, with an appearance as a Supreme-branded hookah. The Supreme logo is displayed prominently on the vase, with the color scheme on the hookah to match.

This hookah looks designer and smokes like a designer bong. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to drop-style hookahs, and the Drop Hookah Supreme is no exception. If you want to draw some full clouds with a Supreme hookah, this is your big chance.

#5: Pistol Hookah

This hookah design is the perfect accompaniment to our AK-47 Hookah. This hookah is slightly smaller, with a stem designed to look like a pistol rather than an AK-47.

This is the perfect sidearm to add to your hookah arsenal. Portable, eye-catching, bold, and it smokes fully and smoothly even with a smaller stem. 

What’s more, our MOB Hookah-designed pistol hookah has an all-metal stem, differentiating us from cheap knock-offs you might find on the internet. Make sure you are buying directly from us to make sure you are getting the real deal, with the MOB Hookah seal of approval.

You’re going to want this hookah standing by with your AK-47 Hookah — they are the perfect pair.

#6: Dark Knight Batman Hookah

If you are a fan of the dark knight, then this hookah is right up your alley. Let your friends know about your Batman obsession with the beautiful, Limited Edition Dark Knight Batman Hookah.

This hookah, made by Cloud King, has got the bat signal on the stem and vase, so you’re always ready to call Batman to join your smoke session.

This hookah comes with a vortex bowl, too, so you can smoke the juiciest, most flavorful shisha on the market without having to worry about drippings clogging your hookah. The Dark Knight Batman Hookah is a must-have for superhero fans in the hookah smoking world.

#7: The Spider-Man hookah

If Batman isn’t really your speed, then maybe you’ll like the Spider-Man hookah instead. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can now be found at your local hookah lounge, smoking a bowl of premium shisha.

The Spider-Man hookah has Spidey’s classic red and blue color scheme with a webbed design on the glass bowl, as well as a web-shaped ash catcher on the stem. 

The spider-man hookah is based on modern German hookah designs, so you are going to get a truly premium smoke session out of this hookah.

#8: Vader Hookah (Limited Edition)

This hookah is the perfect choice for Star Wars fanatics. There is nothing as fun as smoking from your Darth Vader Hookah while marathoning all of the original trilogy movies — make sure you have all your shisha ready because you’re gonna need more than one pack.

The Vader Hookah is a limited design brought to you by yours truly with a vase that is shaped like Darth Vader's famous helmet.  

The hookah comes with an aluminum stem, heavy-duty glass Darth Vader head vase, a medical-grade silicone hose with an aluminum handle, and a premium clay bowl, so you’re ready to smoke that quality Sith smoke right out of the box.

This hookah smokes great and brings some dark charm to your hookah setup.

Modern Hookah Designs: The Takeaway

There are dozens of great hookah designs for the modern hookah smoker, bringing you the same decorative appeal that traditional hookahs offer, without breaking the bank or sacrificing modern hookah amenities.

We may only have covered eight of our favorite designs, but we carry dozens of cool and fabulous hookah designs that you are bound to love. 

Check out our full collection of hookah designs here.

When choosing a hookah for you, make sure that you are getting a high-quality setup that is going to give you the best smoking experience. And then, think about aesthetics as a bonus (though you’ll never have to compromise on style if you stick with MOB).



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