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Justin Bieber Smoking: What Does Justin Bieber Smoke?

Justin Bieber has had a tumultuous relationship with smoking over the years. The pop star has been seen smoking various substances, from cigarettes to marijuana. However, many of his fans are curious about what exactly Justin Bieber likes to smoke. In recent years, Bieber has been spotted smoking hookah, often by MOB Hookah, a popular brand in the celebrity world. In this article, we'll take a deeper look at Justin Bieber's smoking habits and lifestyle.

Who Is Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor who rose to fame in the late 2000s. He first gained attention through his YouTube videos, which led to him being discovered by talent manager Scooter Braun. Bieber's debut album, My World 2.0, was released in 2010 and quickly became a commercial success. Since then, Bieber has released several more albums and has won numerous awards for his music. He is also known for his controversial personal life, which has been heavily covered by the media.

What Does Justin Bieber Smoke?

Over the years, Justin Bieber has been spotted smoking various substances, including cigarettes and weed. However, in recent years, he has been seen smoking hookah, with MOB Hookah being his go-to brand. Hookah smoking involves inhaling flavored tobacco through a water pipe, and it has become a popular trend among celebrities in recent years.

MOB Hookah is known for its high-quality hookahs and flavored tobacco. The brand offers a variety of flavors, including apple, grape, peach, and watermelon, among others. MOB Hookah has become a favorite among celebrities, including French Montana, Drake, and Machine Gun Kelly. The brand's popularity has also been attributed to its sleek and stylish designs, which make it a fashionable accessory for celebrities.

How Often Does Justin Bieber Smoke?

It's unclear how often Justin Bieber smokes hookah or any other substance, as he hasn't publicly discussed his smoking habits. However, he has been seen smoking hookah on multiple occasions, both in public and private settings. Some reports suggest that he smokes on a semi-regular basis, while others claim that he only smokes occasionally.

Does Justin Bieber Smoke On Stage?

There have been instances where Bieber has smoked on stage during his performances. In 2016, he was criticized for smoking what appeared to be a joint while on stage in New Zealand. It's unclear if Bieber still smokes on stage or has changed his habits in recent years.

Does Just Bieber Smoke Weed?

Justin Bieber has been seen smoking cannabis in the past. He has been quite open about his past struggles with drugs and addiction and has talked about how he has overcome these challenges. However, it's unclear if he still smokes weed or if he has completely quit.

Does Just Bieber Smoke Blunts?

There have been reports that Justin Bieber has smoked blunts in the past, which are essentially cigars filled with marijuana. However, like his other smoking habits, it's unclear if he still smokes blunts or if he has quit.

What Type of Cigarettes Does Justin Bieber Smoke?

There is no clear information about what type of cigarettes Justin Bieber smokes, as he has not publicly discussed his smoking habits. However, there have been reports that he has smoked various types of cigarettes in the past, including traditional tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

Does Justin Bieber Vape?

There have been reports that Justin Bieber vapes, which involves using an electronic cigarette that heats up a liquid to create vapor that is inhaled. Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years among young adults and teenagers and is often used as a staging tool to smoke in music videos.

Does Justin Bieber Do Edibles?

There have been rumors that Justin Bieber has tried edibles, which are food products infused with marijuana. He often buys cannabis products at Wonderbrett, where he was seen on Instagram spending over $1,000.00 on weed and edible products.

When Was The First Time Justin Bieber Smoked Weed?

Bieber smoked weed for the first time in his backyard. He was caught by his mom when he was 15. Justin became dependent on weed which was the main reason he decided to stop smoking. He said, “I was using it as an escape and I don’t want to start escaping. I want to start living life and enjoying it."

Does Justin Bieber Smoke On His Private Jet?

There have been reports that Justin Bieber has smoked on his private jet in the past. In 2013, he was caught smoking what appeared to be marijuana with his friends on a flight from Canada to New Jersey. In 2014, he was also detained in a New Jersey airport after officials detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from his private plane.

When Justin Bieber was traveling to Amsterdam, he was challenged by David Draiman to have a smoke-off. David is known for his love of cannabis and in a tweet, he called out to Justin "Hey, I hear you're in #amsterdam! So am I! I challenge you to a smoke off!!! @justinbieber,".

Does Justin Bieber Smoke Cigars?

There have also been reports that Justin Bieber enjoys smoking cigars. He has been spotted smoking cigars on several occasions, including at birthday parties, the Playboy Mansion, and at a party in Cannes.


While Justin Bieber's smoking habits have not been publicly discussed by him, there have been reports of him smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and hookah. He has also been seen smoking cigars on several occasions. Like many celebrities, Justin has a long history of smoking, however, recently he has cut his usage of weed and other smoking products. MOB Hookah remains a favorite among celebrities and continues to be seen in music videos, events, and parties.

Final Thoughts

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