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Is Hookah As Dangerous As 100 Cigarettes?

Hookah refers to an instrument that helps in smoking the tobacco while cooling and filtering the smoke over the water. The concept of using hookah traces its origin in ancient Persia as well as India around 400 years back. The instrument has different names according to locations like Goza, Narghile, and HubbleBubble, etc. Due to its rising demand among the people, a hookah is available in all kinds of shapes and flavors all over the world. However, the consumption of any type of drugs for a prolonged period isn't beneficial for the body. Often people confuse the usage of cigarettes and a hookah. Although both use tobacco as its main ingredient, yet, the effects vary according to the amount of consumption. Now the debate remains whether a hookah is as dangerous as inhaling 100 cigarettes. Before we jump into a conclusion, let us take a quick look at some of the beneficial facts about the consumption of hookah daily. Some of the facts that we all need to know before using the hookah pipe for daily basis:

The Hidden Gems of Hookah

Often myths accompany the concept of hookah, which misleads the people from the advantages and disadvantages of the usage of a hookah for a prolonged span. Here are a few myths along with the facts about hookah:

Myth 1 The first hookah myth is that the smoke passing through the water is safer than the smoke passing through the cigarette filter. The answer here cane be yes and no! How so? If we compare the level of filtering, it is not proven that the water filters way better than a cigarette filter. However, when the smoke runs through the water, some research showed that it is a good filter, but not to the point that it makes it safe. But if we are comparing the smoke itself. The hookah smoke is easier on the body, not because it runs through the water, but rather it has way fewer chemicals than cigarettes. Hookah tobacco or shisha only has 4 main ingredients, ie tobacco, glycerin, flavor, and molasses. Where as cigarettes have at least around 82 toxic materials that have carcinogenic effects on human health in the smoke produced. Again, although the smoke passes over the water, yet that does not eliminate the risks involved in inhaling tobacco in general.

Myth 2 Another myth about hookah is that smoking hookah isn't as addictive as cigarettes. Nope, this statement isn't entirely correct as people tend to become addicted to smoking nicotine and tobacco. So, whether it is a cigarette or a hookah pipe, people will get addicted as long as they can consume nicotine through it.

Myth 3 Smoking hookah for one hour is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes! As a hookah smoker, for a while now, and an ex cigarette smoker, I heard this many times before. Usually from people who don't smoke at all, because they heard it somewhere. Well, I used to smoke cigarettes, and let me tell you something. If I smoked 2 cigarettes back to back, I will usually choke, literally. However, I can smoke hookah for a couple of hours straight (one bowl session), which some will compare to 200 cigarettes, and feel the same after all. At least for me, I feel better than when I used to smoke 10 cigarettes the whole day.

Who Generally Uses The Hookahs?

The hookah has been used for centuries, starting arguably in India, then spread through the middle east to make it to the rest of the world. In North America, people with middle eastern backgrounds are more into getting to hookah smoking since they have or seen their family members using it at home or when they travel back to visit. But the popularity of hookah lounges popping up in many corners in metropolitan cities, I could safely say that almost everyone knows what a hookah is, or at least tried it.

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